Here We Grow in 2024

We have exciting news about your credit union. We are growing! As of January 1, 2024, Enterprise Credit Union in Enterprise, KS will be merging with kstate CREDIT UNION. Our team has been working with the Enterprise CU team since March of this year. They needed assistance, and we were there to help.

What does this mean? This means that kstate CREDIT UNION will be able to help more people in more Kansas Counties. Currently we serve Riley, Pottawatomie, and Geary Counties. Once we merge, we will continue to serve those counties PLUS Dickinson, Morris, Saline, Ottawa, McPherson, Clay, and Cloud Counties as well.

Below are questions that ECU members may have about the merger and their accounts.

Why is this merger between kstate CREDIT UNION and Enterprise Credit Union happening?

  • Kansas Department of Credit Unions conserved ECU in March 2023. At that time, they sent the whole membership notice of this action and asked kstate CREDIT UNION to manage the day-to-day operations.
  • In October, NCUA and KDCU decided the best solution for ECU is to merge it with us. It will allow your members to have the same great service that you expect with additional products, services, conveniences, and efficiencies. We are excited to welcome you to our family.

What does this mean for Enterprise Credit Union members?

  • ECU members will now become part of the kstate CU family!
  • All the convenience and ease of banking at ECU will now also be available at both Manhattan locations as well as kstate CU members will be able to use the ECU location.
  • Enhanced mobile app and online banking with features that include Mobile Check Deposit, PayMeEarly, Bill Pay, Jump, and much more!
  • Access to various products and services will expand as well!

How will this affect ECU member's accounts?

  • ECU members will be able to take advantage of kstate CU benefits and efficiencies.
  • kstate CU has an outstanding deposit and loan product portfolio at their fingertips!
  1. - Checking/Savings
  2. - CDs
  3. - Christmas Club
  4. - Mobile check deposit
  5. - Mobile app and online services
  6. - Loans and Loan Specials

Will the level of service change?

  • kstate CU is committed to maintaining the same level of service that ECU members have received throughout the years.
  • ECU will see the same familiar face, Tricia, as she will remain an integral part of your experience, and she will continue to work in the Enterprise office.
  • Members will continue to have genuine one-on-one service.
  • Members will have additional kstate CU team members to assist them and to best serve their needs.
  • We know that your time is important to you. We do have an electronic signature option for loans so that you will not have to drive to see us unless you want to!

Will ECU member costs increase?

  • ECU members will now be a part of the kstate CU fee schedule. They will benefit from cost savings as well as few changes that will enhance your benefits.
  • We strive to offer the same affordable products and services and more.

What do ECU members need to do during this transition?

  • We will hope to take care of everything for you.
  • We will be with you through every step of the process!
  • If there are items required of you, as a member or related to your accounts, we will inform you of them.

Will the office remain in Enterprise?

  • Absolutely! We are a local credit union and that is important to us!
  • We are committed to accessible service and providing a local resource for members’ needs is key. “We are truly local. And Truly Yours!”

How will this affect my credit life/credit disability insurance protection on my loan?

  • For those ECU members that have this coverage you have received a letter talking about how your protection in relation to the merger. If you have further questions after reviewing the letter, please contact Tricia or Stacy.

When can I begin using kstate CU online banking and mobile app?

  • You will be able to begin using your Online banking and mobile app January 2nd, 2024! If you haven’t already established your online banking profile, please reach out to us and we will get your started!

     -  Enterprise Branch: (785) 263-8292
     -  McCall Rd Branch: (785) 776-3003
     -  Anderson Ave Branch: (785) 776-3003

What happens to my automatic payments that I have currently coming out of my ECU account, will they be transferred over automatically?

  •  Yes, we’re working hard to ensure your onboarding process is a smooth one!  You won’t have to do anything as we have taken care of that for you!

How can I access the kstateCU fee schedule?

  • We invite you to contact one of our branches and visit us regarding any questions you may have regarding fees. We’re available through chat on our website or call one our offices below!
  • -  Enterprise Branch: (785) 263-8292
  • -  McCall Rd Branch: (785) 776-3003
  • -  Anderson Ave Branch: (785) 776-3003

Will you keep the same hours in Enterprise and still be closed on Wednesdays?

  • Yes, we want to ensure your ECU experience remains the same. We will remain closed on Wednesday and Weekends.

I know you said that there will be many team members that can help me, but what if I only want to talk to Tricia?

  • Absolutely! Tricia is ready and excited to help! You will be available to visit with Tricia when you call in or stop by the Enterprise branch!