Share Account

Your membership share in the Credit Union is a $25 minimum deposit, which draws dividends and remains on deposit while you are a member of the Credit Union. Your Share account is not allowed to go below $25 at any time.

The Credit Union offers up to ten savings (share) accounts under one account number. You can create nicknames for these accounts to help you stay organized.

For example: You’re saving for a special vacation so you have opened a savings account and named it “vacation,” that way you know exactly what each account’s purpose is.

Minimum Balance Requirements $25.00
Monthly Service Charge (w/minimum account balance) None
Direct Deposit Services Yes
Automatic Transfer of Funds to Loans Yes
Dividend Period Quarterly
Free access to accounts in It’s Me 24/7 Yes
Free 24 Hour CU-Talk Yes
Statements in It’s Me 24/7 Yes
Access to your account at over 5,000 U.S. Credit Union locations through Shared Branching. Yes
Minimum balance to earn dividends $25.00