Our Savings Products

Share Account - Your membership share in the Credit Union is $25 minimum deposit which draws interest and remains on deposit while you are a member of the Credit Union. The Credit Union offers up to four savings (share) accounts under one account number. You can create nicknames for these accounts to stay organized.

Christmas Club - We created this special savings account to help you save throughout the year so you are more financially prepared for the holidays.

Youth Savings Account - This savings account is designed for kids age 12 and under. Children can use this as a tool to create savings habits at an early age. We require that all youth accounts are linked to an adult member account.

Round up Savings - Building your savings easily and automatic when you use our round up savings program with your kstate CREDIT UNION debit card. Each purchase you make gets rounded up to the next dollar and the difference is deposited into your kstate CREDIT UNION savings account.

Youth Financial Education - We have a Banzai program that works with area teachers to teach financial literacy to our youth. We also offer activiites and rewards during our Annual Youth Month in April to encourage children to save.