Youth Financial Education

Besides having our Kirby Kangaroo program for kids 12 and under and our Claim Your Youth program for teens, it is our goal to provide real life financial experiences and information to the youth in our community in order to nurture financially productive adults.


The Save @ School partnership with the Kansas State Treasurer’s Office and local elementary schools provides a financial literacy program aimed at teaching students to manage and develop a healthy respect for money. The program combines lessons developed by the State Treasurer’s office on money and the importance of saving. kstate CREDIT UNION will support the real life financial experience of having a savings account.

Program Objectives

  • Create a new generation of savers by showing the importance of setting realistic savings goals.
  • Increase the youth’s knowledge of the different types of services available at a Credit Union.
  • Provide a supplement to current math, customer service and social skills through experiences learned while working as a volunteer in the student Credit Union branch.
  • Create an educational environment in which young people will have hands-on experience in a financial setting.

Program Benefits

  • Encourages good saving habits at an early age.
  • Helps to promote financial responsibility in adulthood.
  • Develops confidence where money management skills are concerned.

Program Services

  • Student operated Credit Union branch.
  • Age appropriate savings programs and products for youth members.
  • Classroom presentations in school regarding money management.


Any student that attends a participating school may open an account on any “school banking day.” In order to open an account, a student must provide us with a copy of their social security card. An account may initially be opened with a minimum deposit of $5.00. After that, deposits may be in amounts as low as $.50. Once opened, accounts must reach a minimum balance of $25.00 in order to obtain the disclosed interest rate (or annual percentage yield). Withdrawals that take the balance below the $25.00 minimum will not be allowed. An account opened at a participating school, is an account opened with kstate CREDIT UNION. Students will receive a quarterly statement showing the activity on their account at kstate CREDIT UNION. Transactions may be done at the participating school on the specified day or at any kstate CREDIT UNION office during regular business hours. Accounts remain open over the summer with transactions taking place at kstate CREDIT UNION.


It can be difficult for teachers to find useful and engaging programs to use in the classroom, especially when budgets don’t allow for it. Here’s a fresh idea: meaningful content using real-life scenarios that engages teenagers and doesn’t’ cost you a dime. That’s Banzai. kstate CREDIT UNION is proud to sponsor this online financial literacy program for our area teachers.

Classroom situations are great for learning general concepts, but how often does a student actually get to do what they hear? Banzai helps students simulate the experience of spending their own money in real life. That way, students’ learning will extend beyond the class. Sound monetary habits don’t begin on their own. The first day a student uses Banzai they have to begin thinking critically, decisively and analytically. They will get to work on and act out real-world spending decisions. 

Click here to go to our Banzai website for more information and to sign up.  
Click here for a video, “What is a Credit Union”?