Receive your Direct Deposit Early and get quicker access to your funds.You can elect to receive your direct deposit up to 2 days early for a $12.68 fee, each payday. You are in control. You can choose whether you want it or not each pay cycle & set it up in online banking.

  • Required to have a checking account with kstate CREDIT UNION
  • For paychecks, direct deposit must be setup by employer
  • The $12.68 fee is charged for each early deposit, and this amount needs to be in their checking or savings before they can post their deposit early
  • Members will need to elect to receive this benefit in the online banking/mobile app


  1. Log into online or mobile banking & access the PayMeEarly tool
  2. Review any pending deposits & under the Post Early column a POST NOW option will appear next to any eligible ACH to initiate receiving the deposit early
  3. This will prompt a screen to select an account to pay the $12.68 fee – this amount MUST be in checking or savings in order to proceed
  4. Select the ‘Accept Now and Post’ button

Access It's Me 24/7


  • If your employer does not offer direct deposit
  • Employer payroll guidelines are not aligned with our direct deposit policy
  • If you do not have your direct deposit set up to go to a checking account with kstate CU
  • If you work for a smaller business or organization, you may not be eligible to set up this benefit
  • Delays can occur during payroll processing and ACH transfer like technical issues, administrative errors and unforeseen circumstances.
  • Bank Holidays and Weekends, if your payday falls on these, there may be a delay in your direct deposit
  • If there are errors in the information about your checking account that you provided to your employer, it can lead to delays or issues. Always make sure your information is up-to-date with your employer.
  • In some cases, we may place a hold on deposited funds, especially if fraud is suspected or even if the amount is larger than usual. This could delay access to your funds.

To use PayMeEarly, members need to be logged into It’s Me 24/7.