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General Questions

Who is eligible for credit union membership?
Anyone that lives, works, educates or worships in the counties of Riley, Geary, Pottawatomie, Dickinson, Saline, Clay, Cloud, McPherson, Morris or Ottawa Counties are eligible for membership with our community charter. To determine if you are eligible to become a member of kstate CREDIT UNION, refer to Membership. All immediate family members are also eligible for membership.



If you have any other questions regarding account information needed for ACH transactions or direct deposit, please text or call one of our Member Service Specialists at 785.776.3003.

Is my money safe?
Absolutely!! The share insurance at kstate CREDIT UNION is similar to deposit insurance provided by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Share accounts in federally insured credit unions are insured up to $250,000, an amount equal to the insurance protection offered by the FDIC. Generally, if a credit union member has more than one account in the same insured credit union, those accounts are added together and are insured up to $250,000. There are exceptions, however. If a member has a regular share account and an Individual Retirement Account in the same credit union, each account is insured up to $250,000. The NCUA Insurance booklet gives a more detailed explanation of insurance coverage. Not one penny of insured savings has ever been lost by a member of a federally insured credit union.

How is a share account different from a savings account?
A share account indicates your ownership in the credit union. It works just like a savings account in any other financial institution, but you have the comfort of knowing outside stockholders aren't benefiting from your hard earned money. In addition, we pay dividends into your account as opposed to interest, indicating again your ownership in the credit union. For more information on Share Accounts follow this link.

Can I access my accounts if I move or travel?
As our member, you can access your accounts with ease and convenience through our Shared Branch Network. The CO-OP network provides nearly 30,000 ATMs and over 5,000 branches nationwide. To find a shared ATM or branch near you:

  1. Use our mobile app
  2. Click this LINK for the shared networks
  3. Download the CO-OP apps from the app store

Look for the following symbol at a ATM or Shared Branch location.


Wire Services

Credit Union Member Instructions
Wiring funds to a Member's Account as the Beneficiary

Receiving Financial Institution - Millennium Corporate Credit Union
Receiving ABA Routing Number (for wires only)  - 301180111

Beneficiary Financial Institution - kstate CREDIT UNION
Beneficiary ABA Routing Number/Account Number - 301179106

Beneficiary - YOUR MEMBER NAME
Beneficiary Account Number - YOUR MEMBER ACCOUNT NUMBER

**There is a fee for all incoming or outgoing wire transfers.


Are there any fees on share (savings) accounts?
There is a minimum of $25 required to open the account. Click here to learn more about Share Accounts.

Do you have free checking?
Yes! We have two types of checking accounts. One is completely FREE, no monthly charges, no per check charges, and no minimum balance requirement.

Do you have a dividend checking account?
Yes! Our dividend checking requires a minimum of $500 to earn dividends which are paid monthly. Learn more about Dividend Checking by clicking the link.

Do you have Debit cards?
Yes! Our Debit cards can be used like an ATM card to access either your savings or your checking account. We have two 24 hour drive-up ATMs. One is located at our branch at 2600 Anderson Avenue and one is located at our East side branch at 601 McCall Road. Your debit card can be used at retailers where MasterCard is accepted and will debit directly from your checking account. 

How do I sign up for direct deposit?
Just visit your payroll department for a direct deposit form. All you need is your account number and your kstate CREDIT UNION routing number (both of these can be found on a voided check or deposit slip). The credit union routing number can be located at the bottom of this page.

Do you have Share Certificates of Deposit?
Yes, the credit union offers many options for share certificates of deposit ranging from 90 days to five years with a minimum balance of $500.


What information should be used on my vehicle registration and insurance when I am listing kstate CREDIT UNION as lienholder/loss payee?

601 McCall Road
Manhattan, KS 66502

Can I apply for my loan online?
Yes, and it couldn't be easier. Our Online Loan Application is fast to fill out. Once it reaches our office, a loan officer reviews your application right away so you can be approved quickly.

Are all loans approved automatically?
All loans are evaluated by a loan officer and a determination is made if the loan falls within the guidelines established by our board of directors.

Can my loan payments be made automatically?
You can have your loan payment made automatically from your checking or your savings account at the credit union. The loan officer can set this up at the time your loan is made or you can request it at a later date. Also, many employers offer payroll deduction from your paycheck that will automatically be sent to the credit union and applied to your loan. Also, an automatic payment can be made directly from another financial institution for your loan payment.

Can my loan payment be made bi-weekly?
Yes, we can set your loan payment up to be made bi-weekly or monthly, whichever is most convenient to you.

Can I be pre-approved for a loan?
Yes, just let your loan officer know you would like to be pre-approved and then when you are ready for the money, come in and sign the paperwork.