Online Banking & Bill Pay

Online Banking with It's Me 24/7

NEW LOOK, SAME FEATURES.  Beginning September 22, when you log onto kstate CREDIT UNION's online banking website, you will notice a new layout and look. This new online banking still offers a lot of the same great features you love but with a better, easy-to-follow layout!

It’s Me 24/7 is the online banking system that allows you access to all of your kstate CREDIT UNION accounts anytime, anywhere!


  • Obtain current balances on all accounts including savings, checking, money market, loans and more.
  • Transfer money from or to any account you have at the Credit Union. Or transfer to someone else’s account here at the Credit Union as long as you have their name and account number.
  • Make loan payments and payments to our Visa Credit Card if you have one.
  • Have a withdrawal check mailed to your address.
  • View account history information.
  • View and print copies of cleared checks written on your account.
  • View transactions by type or by date.
  • Open an additional account or Share Certificate of Deposit (CD).
  • Through It’s ME 24/7, Text Banking is available too.

Are there any updates on 9.22.2021 that may affect how I use online banking?
Yes. There are three important changes with this new online banking update.

  1. The new online banking will NOT work with the Internet Explorer web browser. Please switch to viewing your online banking on the Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox browsers.
  2. Downloading your account information to the tool Microsoft Money will no longer be available. However, there will still be an option to download to other file formats (.csv, .qif, .qfx, .qbo). 
  3. The ability to 'see' your other accounts will now be called 'jump' to other accounts, you can find this in the drop down near your profile image.

How current is the information I obtain through It’s Me 24/7?

Our system is real-time, so the information available to you through Online Account Access is the same information stored in our computer system at the time you log in. Any transaction you initiate will be posted immediately. Electronic receipts will now be available for any transaction performed on the teller line at the Credit Union.

Do I have to purchase special software to use It’s Me 24/7?

Online Account Access is designed to work with internet browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox browsers. The system only requires the browser to have 128-bit encryption.

Can anyone else access my account information?

It’s Me 24/7 requires a correct Username and Password. Unless you share your password with someone, no one other than you will be able to access your account information online.

What if my password doesn’t work or I forget what it is?

The password is case sensitive and must be entered exactly as it was set up. The most common problem is having your CAPS LOCK on, which will cause the password to be incorrect even if you entered the right keys. K-STATE is not the same as K-State or k-state. To prevent intruders, your password can be entered incorrectly only three times before the system automatically locks access to your account. If this has happened or you’ve forgotten your password, call the Credit Union at 785-776-3003. We will assign you a new temporary password.

If I forget to exit, will I be logged off automatically?

After a few minutes of inactivity your account will automatically log off to ensure no one will have access to your account. In order to protect yourself, do not give your account information, password, username or account number to anyone. Also, never leave your computer unattended while you are using It’s Me 24/7. Never leave account information where others could find it, especially your new It’s Me 24/7 password.

What other online services are available?

  • Pay any bill through our Bill Pay service.
  • Organizing finances is easy through Quicken  — download transactions to your desktop with one easy click.
  • You can order checks on our site through Harland Clarke.
  • You can check your credit limit, and set alerts for yourself for when your next credit card payment is due.
  • We also have a loan and VISA® Credit Card application available online.

How do I sign up to receive e-Statements?

You can sign up in It’s Me 24/7 to begin receiving your statements by e-mail. The benefits? You usually receive your statement by the 2nd of the month and it creates an easy and secure way to file each month’s statement right on your computer. Click here for more information on e-Statements.


Bill Pay & eBill

How do I sign up for Bill Pay?

Simply sign into your online banking account access, go to 'Pay & Transfer' then select 'Bill Pay'.

How does Bill Pay work?

With Bill Pay, you receive bills the way you always have; therefore, you maintain the right to verify the amount you have been billed is correct.  When you’re ready to pay the bill, you will schedule your payment online and the credit union will do the rest!  You may access Bill Pay inside your online account access.

For example, you can schedule recurring payments of the same amount (i.e. your home mortgage) to be paid automatically each month. In addition, you can establish payee profiles to avoid entering contact information each time a bill is to be paid.  This streamlines the bill paying process even if the amount to be paid varies from month to month.

To ensure your payments are received on time, all you have to do is schedule it five days prior to the bill’s due date.

How much does Bill Pay cost?

Bill Pay is FREE! In order to keep it free to use you must use the service at least once every month or there is a $5.00 per month inactive fee. It seems that stopping by the post office to pick up stamps, sitting down to write out a share draft for each bill and remembering to drop them in the mail doesn’t always fit into the hustle and bustle of daily life. The convenience of having extra time and less stress are worth the investment.

How often must I Use Bill Pay in order to keep it active?

To keep Bill Pay active and free, you must utilize the service at least once per month. If you choose to deactivate your Bill Pay and later decide to you want to use it a $10.00 reactivation fee will apply to resume Bill Pay service.

What are eBills?

eBills allow you to view your bills electronically right from your online bill pay account.

eBills present the information you need to pay your bill on time including the amount due, due date, and unpaid balance.

You will continue to receive detailed paper bills in the mail when you register for eBills. All previous eBills are maintained online* so you can review your billing history at any time.

*up to 18 months

Register for eBills

Within the eBill section on the homepage, click Sign Up to view your eBill eligible payees and select “setup eBill” next to the payee you’d like to register.


You can also set up email or text e-Notifications, located under the Options tab, to remind you that a bill has been received.