Summer Throwdown Loan

Are you in need of an auto or personal loan?  kstate CREDIT UNION has an offer for you until August 31, 2019.  When you visit any of our 3 locations in Manhattan and talk to one of our Member Service Specialists about a loan, they will present you with a frisbee. Based on how many baskets you make with the frisbee after 3 tries, you will receive a discount on your effective rate. Plus you will receive a FREE Summer Fun Kit at closing.

Effective rates are determined with approved credit. Click Here to view our current rates. Below are the discount values based on your number of baskets.

Basket Discount Value
3 baskets = 0.75% OFF
2 baskets = 0.50% OFF
1 basket =  0.25% OFF
0 baskets = 0.00% OFF

Borrow $15,000 for 60 month term auto loan.  Rate of 3.75% APR
Hit 2 baskets and apply discount of 0.50%
Payment on $15,000 @ 3.25% APR for 60 months is approximately $272 PER MONTH.

Terms and conditions include:

• APR=Annual Percentage Rate.
• With Approved Credit.
• All rates apply to new money only.
• Minimum rate of 2% APR.
• Real Estate, HELOC and credit card loans do not qualify.
• Existing kstate CREDIT UNION loans do not qualify.
• Federally Insured by NCUA.
• Not valid with any other offer.
• Offer good thru August 31, 2019.