Online Banking Upgrade

WHAT: Our online banking is undergoing an upgrade!

WHY: This exciting change will expand the limit on the length for your online banking password from 10 to 256 characters on March 11, 2018, which is great news for our online banking security.

IN THE MEANTIME: You may notice a message (red text) in the login box letting you know there’s an issue with your password length. If you see this message – you must change your password on March 11.

ACTION ON MARCH 11, 2018: Any password longer than 10 characters that is entered on March 11, 2018 will not be able to access Online Banking and must be changed on that date. Please use the “I forgot my password” link in It’s Me 247 Online Banking and follow the prompts to create a new password. If you need assistance changing your password, contact us here at the credit union. 785-776-3003