It's Skip-A-Pay Time!

Take a break from your loan payment for a month and use the money for your Holiday vacation, gifts, and expenses or simply save it for a rainy day!

For only $25 per loan, you can skip your November OR December loan payment. Members that are preapproved and would like to participate, will need to return the filled out form in its entirety. If you’re preapproved you should have received an email or letter from us.

For those members that do not receive a preapproved form, you are still eligible to apply for the program. All you need to do is download the form below, fill out and return it with the donation enclosed. The form will then be processed by the loan department. In order to qualify for the Skip-A-Pay program:

  • Your account (s) and loan must be in good standing with the loan being open for at least six (6) months.
  • Your loan can not have been delinquent for more than 30 days during this calendar year.
  • Your credit must be at least a “C” rating.
  • You cannot have already skipped a payment for (this) loan in this calendar year.
  • Your donations will be given to Shepherd's Crossing. Not only will you be supporting an amazing organization but it will also allow you to have a little extra cash during the holidays.

This offer is for consumer loans only. It does not apply to Real Estate, Flex Auto Loans or Credit Cards. Your completed form & donation must be turned in at least 15 days prior to the loan payment due date for processing. There is a limit of one Skip-a-Pay per loan, per calendar year and members must meet the requirements. If you elect to take advantage of this offer, we will defer the payment(s) you indicate for one month. Your next regular payment will be due on the scheduled payment due date following the month you have elected to skip. kstate CREDIT UNION reserves the right to refuse any requests for skipping payments and we will advise you if your request is denied.

Skipping a payment on your loan may cause your principal balance to remain unchanged and may extend the term of your contract. Real estate, Flex Auto Loans and credit cards are NOT eligible. Your donation-fee must accompany the form or it cannot be processed.

You can download the application form HERE 

Steps to Apply to Skip your Payment
1. Complete the form at the link above
Email to
3. Include 'SkipAPay 2020' in the subject line