What to do if you are a victim of identity theft or a scam?

  • Review, freeze, file a fraud alert, and file disputes as needed for your credit report with the major Credit Reporting Agencies:

Experian 1-888-397-3742 or
Equifax 1-888-298-0045 or
TransUnion 1-833-395-6938 or

  • Place a security freeze and alert with Chex Systems (agency that monitors new bank account inquiries) 800.428.9623
  • File a report with the Federal Trade Commission (agency that protects consumer information) 877.438.4338
  • Place a freeze with the Exchange Service Center (agency that works with establishing utilities) 866.343.2821
  • Contact your financial institution(s) and notify them that you have been a victim of a scam/identity theft


These items are to prevent identity theft and scams or, if you have been a victim, to decrease the chances of it happening again.

  • Sign up for credit monitoring service for future activity (optional)
  • Update all passwords regularly entered and ensure passwords are complex
  • Store personal information and financial documents in a safe place
  • Regularly review all statements for any unauthorized transactions
  • Do not carry a social security card in a wallet or purse, keep it secure
  • You can place freeze your Credit Report, Chex Systems and with Exchange Service Center even if your not a victim to prevent unauthorized activity